Sensei Ray Paulhus


Sensei Ray Paulhus began studying the Martial Arts in 1989 in the state of Rhode Island. He moved to California that same year and found a studio in Anaheim, CA that allowed him to continue his newly discovered passion for the Martial Arts. He received his First Degree Black Belt in 1995 and was chosen by his instructor to help instruct in his children's program. Soon after he was hired full time to manage the Anaheim studio. He managed the Anaheim studio for the next nine years taking the student base from 100 students to 230 students. He also built a staff that started with just him to 3 full time instructors and multiple part time instructors.

In 1999 a national chain of martial arts studios approached him to help expand their company by opening and managing new studios. While operating his Anaheim location he helped expand the company by opening 10 new locations, recruiting and training instructors. Eventually he had to give up his full time position as a Chief Instructor of his Anaheim studio to focus on managing his many studios.

After 10 years at the district manager position he decided to return to what he loved to do, teach Martial Arts to Men, Women and Children. As a citizen in the Murrieta Valley area, he knew that if he were to return to teaching full time again, he would have to do it here.  He decided to open Trinity Martial Arts Skills Academy in Murrieta.

Since that time, Mr. Paulhus has spent the last 3 years dedicated to Martial Arts research and development, specifically an age specific children's martial arts curriculum. His goal is to provide a results driven Martial Arts Program that really makes a difference

Mr. Paulhus lives in Menifee, CA with his wife Patti and their daughter Karmen. Their son Tyler currently resides in Misawa, Japan serving in the United States Air Force.

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