Why Trinity Martial Arts?

Trinity Martial Arts is the first Martial Arts School of its kind in the Murrieta area. After 25 years of teaching martial arts to children of all ages, our founder Ray Paulhus has studied some of the most effective concepts and innovations developed by the best child development martial artists in the country. Our approach to Age Specific Gross Motor Skills Training is the entire structure of this Ground Breaking Martial Arts School.


About Ray Paulhus

Ray Paulhus began studying the Martial Arts in 1989 in the state of Rhode Island. He moved to California that same year and found a studio in Anaheim, CA that allowed him to continue his newly discovered passion for the Martial Arts. He received his First Degree Black Belt in 1995 and was chosen by his instructor to help instruct in his children's program. Soon after he was hired full time to manage the Anaheim studio. He managed the Anaheim studio for the next nine years taking the student base from 100 students to 230 students. He also built a staff that started with just him to 3 full time instructors and multiple part time instructors.

In 1999 a national chain of martial arts studios approached him to help expand their company by opening and managing new studios. While operating his Anaheim location he helped expand the company by opening 10 new locations, recruiting and training instructors. Eventually he had to give up his full time position as a Chief Instructor of his Anaheim studio to focus on managing his many studios.

After 10 years at the district manager position he decided to return to what he loved to do, teach Martial Arts to Men, Women and Children. As a citizen in the Murrieta Valley area, he knew that if he were to return to teaching full time again, he would have to do it here.  He decided to open Trinity Martial Arts Skills Academy in Murrieta.

Since that time, Mr. Paulhus has spent the last 3 years dedicated to Martial Arts research and development, specifically an age specific children's martial arts curriculum. His goal is to provide a results driven Martial Arts Program that really makes a difference

Mr. Paulhus lives in Menifee, CA with his wife Patti and their daughter Karmen. Their son Tyler currently resides in Misawa, Japan serving in the United States Air Force.

What Our Clients Say...

"When I first came here, I wasn't sure what to expect. But now that I've become a member, I could never go back to my old dojo! Trinity Martial Arts is THE dojo to work out in if you're interested in just that - working out. The instructors are professional, friendly and highly knowledgeable, and I was impressed when they didn't immediately bombard me with the usual sales pitch. The decor is nice and functional and the people who come here make it very comfortable, that's what it's all about. I wholeheartedly recommend Trinity Martial Arts!"

Michael J.

"I like the fact that people of all ages come to Trinity Martial Arts for their martial arts training. I'm in my mid-forties, and this is something that I have always wanted to do. I don't feel out of place and I am getting into the best shape of my life. The Group Classes are always full of practical self defense techniques and are so fun because of all of the people that I get to work out with. People come here to work out and have a good time. The atmosphere is great, the studiois modern and clean, and the instructors at Trinity Martial Arts are friendly and helpful across the board. Thanks for all you've done!"

Chris C.

"My son and daughter have been attending for over a year Sensei Ray is an amazing he knows the kids teaches the kids and he loves the kids the best place I could have ever put my kids thank you Ray and family luv Kim and Family."

Kimberlye D.

"My son has been attending this studio for over a year and loves it.  Sensei Ray is a great teacher.  His teaching is all encompassing:  karate skills, discipline, listening, attitude, team work, self defense.  He covers it all. I love that he also stresses the use of these skills outside of the karate studio as well.  I recommend this studio for any child who is still learning discipline, and aren't they all?! Thank you Sensei!"

Toni A.

"My nine year old son started attending Trinity Martial Arts  about a month ago and he loves it! Mr.Ray is super fun with the kids and always changes things up so the kids don't get bored. He also disciplines and teaches the kids respect to the highest level. Mr.Ray teaches the kids to see martial arts as not just a physical activity but a way of life and to respect all of their elders and apply the things they do in every day life like home, school ,at the dojo and everywhere else. I recommend Trinity Martial Arts 100%. We looked at many other places and none are as good as Trinity. Also,no other place offers a private lesson once a week! My son loves to have his private lesson because it really helps him understand and grow in his technique and skills! This place is amazing everyone looking to learn martial arts should definitely come here :)"

Faby N.

"We were looking to get our 10 year old and 12 year old involved in some form of martial arts.  We checked out a couple studios and when we called Trinity Ray offered to let the kids try a class for FREE to see how they like it.   On the way home they were both literally begging us to start.  Ray, the owner is fantastic and takes great pride in what he does.  He makes the classes fun for all ages.  I would recommend Trinity to anyone at any age."

Lora M.

"Great place!  We really like this Martial Arts center for our young son.  While they provide instruction for all ages, what I really liked about this place is that they offer more than just Martial Arts for my 5 year old.  They also teach important life skills, like manners/respect for others, introductions/greetings, how to call 911, how to deal with strangers, as well as vocabulary and basic education.   It's a fun place that is also respectful and educational.  Ray, the owner takes pride in providing excellent instruction and there is no complicated sign up or yearly dues.  You can pay month-to-month and the place is affordable for Martial Arts training.  Really enjoy watching our son learn much more than just Martial Arts.  They are also starting basic training and exercise classes which are really nice too."

Michael K.

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